Kids and Mental Health

posted Mar 5, 2015, 8:14 AM by Paul Gautreau
One in five children in Ontario has a mental health problem. Changes to your child’s mental health may not be obvious.  Warning signs to look for:
  • Mood swings and changes in eating habits. 
  • Headaches and sore stomach. 
  • Low energy and not sleeping well. 
  • Missing school and/or having trouble at school. 
  • Spending less time with friends and family. 
  • Wanting to be left alone. 
  • Feelings of anger and rage. 

  • Listen to your child and trust your judgment. 
  • You are the best person to notice changes. 
  • Talk to your child’s teacher, he or she may have seen some changes too. 
  • It’s okay to ask for help and talk to your family doctor. 

For more information on kids and mental health please visit ,, or Ottawa Public Health at 613 580-6744,