We're Going Back to School!

posted Sep 2, 2016, 8:23 AM by Sean McGuire

Prayer for the New School Year

Lord, we greet this new school year with gratitude and hope,

We welcome this opportunity to be advocates of

Your love and kindness

With the students you entrust to our care and the

Colleagues with whom we work.

Give us the wisdom to lead together,

Show us how to lift one another when we fall

And laugh and celebrate successes with humility.

Donne-nous la générosité du don de soi,

de la reconnaissance et

appréciation des dons et de la bonté de l’autre.

Give us the knowledge and confidence

To speak and do what is right;

And to open our hearts to new ways of thinking

Of doing and of being.

Give us the goodness and the full measure of your strength

So that we can be instruments of peace;

Messengers of hope;

And champions of the child.

We ask this of you

In love.